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Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Also known as Alopecia, hair loss in men occurs due to increased sensitivity of androgens in the scalp. It can be genetic. Hair follicles are made by the hormones. These help in growing the hair. They become so small that they cannot perform their function well. Hair loss usually starts in men from the age of 20 to 30. It starts with the development of a receding hairline and slowly, the hair begins to thin. Hair loss in men is also caused by anaemia, thyroid, stress, fungal scalp infection and side-effects of medicines.

However, hair loss can be prevented. There are many herbal medicines and medical treatments available that can prevent the hair loss and increase the hair growth. Rather than wearing a wig to cover the bald spots, one must take a proper treatment.

Treatment for Hair Loss in Men

Baldness is a natural occurrence. Various treatments are available to cure hair loss. Certain procedures demand for heavy expenses.

Treatment with Medicines

Minoxidil lotion is quite useful. Apply it to your scalp twice in a day. Minoxidil was invented to cure high blood pressure. You can purchase the medicine over-the-counter. Many patients have found the medicine very useful. However, it will stop affecting as soon as you stop taking it.
Finasteride (Propecia) has to be taken in tablet form. It blocks the effects of the hormones of the males. Propecia prevents hair loss and helps in increasing the scalp hair. You must take the treatment regularly to improve the growth of the hair. The medicine can be taken only on prescription.
One can also take herbal preparations made of zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamin E etc.

Plastic Surgery

The most reliable method of curing hair loss is plastic surgery. Many solutions are being devised to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth. This includes:

A transplant. Here the non-sensitive hair are removed by the surgeon from the top and the back of the scalp. This is suitable for those who suffer from hair loss only in the front of the scalp. Transplant depends upon a lot of factors such as hair color, age, kind of hair loss, hair type etc.
Scalp reduction. This technique is suitable for those who have a small bald spot at the top of the scalp.
Flap-surgery. It can be done if the hair loss is in a small area.

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10 Best Home Remedies for Treating Toothaches

A toothache is one of the most common and gruesome pains you can ever experience in your lifetime. It is generally pulsating and reaches throughout your jaw, ear, sometimes to head even. It does not let you concentrate anywhere else, but on itself. Even if you keep good oral hygiene, you are always prone to toothaches. These pains are so annoying and horrifying, you feel like extracting your painful tooth out yourself. Treatments from dentists prove to be too expensive and painful. Painkillers help only for short durations and stop affecting after continued usage; they are also harmful to liver. In this case where nothing seems right, home remedies can prove to be a blessing when it comes to treating toothaches. These remedies are inexpensive and highly effective. Few remedies are so effective that they even prevent recurrence of this painful condition for lifetime. Below is the list of 10 best home remedies that can be used harmlessly for treating toothaches.

1. It is recommended to chew wheat-grass in order to get relief from toothaches. It can also be swooshed multiple times in liquid form to gain overall better oral hygiene and keeping toothaches away.

2. Placing alcohol-drenched cotton swab on the painful tooth can do wonders, and provide instant relief from gruesome toothache.

3. Keep a fresh garlic clove in mouth over the hurting tooth and chew it to release its juice on the hurting tooth. It might taste dreadful, but shows its results.

4. Keep a clove-oil-drenched cotton swab over the hurting tooth. Do not intake any excretions. Provides relief in minutes, and is good in longer run.

5. Swooshing mouth with warm saltwater several times a day relieves ongoing tooth pain and keeps mouth free from any future infections.

6. Applying almond or vanilla extract on the painful tooth alleviates the pain temporarily.

7. Place warm teabag on the painful tooth and bit it strongly to squeeze out the juice. Warmth provides relief and properties of tea alleviate pain.

8. Place and squeeze a thin slice of lemon on the painful tooth. Alternatively, lemon juice can be applied topically to the painful area.

9. Make a paste of salt and spicy pepper in a little bit of water and apply to the affected area with help of a Q-tip.

10. Running ice over the painful tooth lessens down the sensitivity and gives a sensation of relief from pain. A short-term relief for painful bout of toothache.

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